from grand majesty to smallest detail

This may look like a normal landscape, but look again. Capturing the sheer majesty of Knox mountain wasn’t enough for me, I couldn’t drink in enough of the detail from the scene, and I wanted my audience to get a sense of the sheer scale I saw when I first absorbed the breathtaking view over the bay.

To accomplish this, I used a robotic panohead I flew from the UK to Canada to take 1,536 images at multiple exposures, which I stitched, seam-aligned and blended over the course of several days on a powerful computer. The result is a multi-gigapixel image that lets you go from the overview seen above to the minute detail seen below.

Like a ‘Where’s Wally / Waldo’ book, there is infinite detail here to enjoy.

If you are lucky enough to own the NFT for this image, I hope you treasure it.

Bonus: get in touch at and prove ownership of the address associated with this NFT to receive the full resolution version without watermark.